Robin Williams, Depression, and Suicide Stigma

It is REALLY important that people understand this.

The Upstairs Window


Last night was tough.

My phone alerted me a little after 6:00 that Robin Williams had died, and then the media released details indicating that he appeared to have committed suicide.  The loss of such a gifted and beloved man is already painful, but I’m devastated that he took his own life.  It makes the loss exponentially sadder and more tragic, at least for me.

I was already having a bit of a shaky day yesterday.  I’ve been feeling good lately, courtesy of my new antidepressant, but over the last week or so I’ve been reminded that I still have a long way to go and that taking an antidepressant doesn’t mean that I’ll never feel depressed again.  So yesterday wasn’t a great day to begin with, and then the Robin Williams news broke and I completely fell apart.  It scares me, all the way to my bones, to see someone…

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